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Nshore 2013 Garage
Parkshore I - BOD authorization 2011-11 and 2012-04
Parkshore I - Construction DAILY REPORTS
Parkshore I - Minutes 2012-01-26
Parkshore I - Minutes 2012-02-02
Parkshore I - Minutes 2012-02-16
Parkshore I - Minutes 2012-03-02
Parkshore I - Minutes 2012-03-13
Parkshore I - Minutes 2012-04-26
Parkshore I - Minutes 2012-05-24
Parkshore I - Newsletter excerpts Jan to Jun 2012
Parkshore I - Newsletter excerpts Oct 2010 and Dec 2011
Parkshore II - Look Ahead Research Required
PkSh Architect's rendition August 2011
PkSh LEGAL Best Use Community Property Dec 2010
PkSh Members Invite to form Committee Dec 2011

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